From Zero To Hero

Manuel Tausch

From Zero To Hero

Hello, fellow adventurers!
Prior to the five years I spent co-leading the Emmy-nominated Stormborn Studios, a dream began to form in my head: to forge my very own Role-Playing Game. After a 10-year journey through the visual effects industry, our website launch today marks the realization of that dream. As the co-founder of Moonspire Games, together with the best team that I could hope for, I’m thrilled to introduce you to our vibrant universe, Speechbound, and our courageous hero, Zero.

Language has been a lifelong passion for me. Having built a strong foundation in English and French early on while growing up in Germany, I briefly attempted to learn Japanese, back in the days where learning resources on the internet where still scarce. After 6 months of attending evening class at a local college I failed miserably at being able to hold a simple conversation. I realized I had to come up with a strategy of learning a language on my own.
Over the ensuing decade, I meticulously crafted my own language learning method. This method not only facilitated my mastery over French, Spanish, and Portuguese, but it’s currently guiding my progress in Chinese, with a playful side venture into Russian. All this, while balancing the demands of a full-time job. I stand testament to the idea that anyone can conquer languages with the right balance of motivation and consistency.
Today, my passion for languages and visual effects experience converge with my love for gaming in Speechbound – A Language RPG – a fusion of classic RPG elements with modern language-learning techniques.

Enter Zero,

who crash-lands on the enigmatic Babyl Moon Station. Once a thriving hub of life, now it only whispers of its past grandeur. With a wrist-mounted translator as his guide, Zero ventures into this intriguing world, aiming to restore the station to its former glory, find his missing father, and combat an alien threat that steals languages. Below you can see the evolution of the character’s design from 2021 to 2023.
In Speechbound, every interaction is an opportunity to learn and master a language. Each dialogue, mini-game, and epic boss battle not only enhances the gameplay experience but also reinforces language skills. With each victory, new vocabulary and grammar are unlocked, paving the way for an immersive learning journey, tailored to your pace.

Join our incredibly talented and creative team, as we journey “From Zero To Hero” and support us along the way. Without our fans, this game wouldn’t be possible. For us, the inception of this website is the first major milestone to achieve, but many dangers lie ahead as we advanced into uncharted territory.

Your adventure awaits, brave traveler. We raise our glasses to the future and to celebrate this website launch.
Welcome to the world of Speechbound – A Language RPG!

In the pursuit of the perfect word,

Manuel – CEO of Moonspire Games

Zero’s design progression from early looks in 2021 to final design in 2023
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