Are you ready to learn a new language?

Play as Zero – a young explorer who has come to the fringes of space in search of their missing father.
But there’s a catch: the idyllic world of Babyl Moon Station has been overrun by a dangerous alien presence that has stolen the native peoples’ language from them!
Zero is going to have to explore this strange new land, and learn the language of its people in order to help rebuild the moon’s community, get them out from under the rule of the oppressive SunCorp™, and save the galaxy!


Recover stolen language and use it to talk to NPCs, discover secrets, engage in conversations, and immerse yourself a rich storyline!


Venture out into the world of Babyl Moon Station! Travel different biomes, face danger, and unravel the mysteries of the alien infestation!


Scan objects in the world, solve puzzles, and build your understanding as you study a new language!

Save The World

Battle an ominous alien threat, help rebuild the station, heal the environment, and restore peace to a diverse community of characters!


Gather ingredients and practice vocabulary as you craft delicious meals to help you survive the dangers of exploration!

Go To Class

Visit the school to sharpen your grammar skills, learn about sentence structures, specific rules and exceptions!