Co-founder Manu’s Speechbound Journey: Money-Act Podcast

Mercedes Lanza

Co-founder Manu’s Speechbound Journey: Money-Act Podcast

Our Co-founder and Creative Director, Manu, is making waves on the Money-Act podcast! Tune in as he shares insights about Speechbound, his illustrious career in visual effects, and his remarkable language-learning journey. Get ready to uncover the driving forces behind Speechbound’s innovation and Manu’s transformative experiences. Big thanks to the fantastic host, Ryan Pollreisz, for featuring Moonspire Games.

In this engaging podcast episode, Manu provides an immersive and in-depth look into the captivating world of Speechbound. As the Co-founder and Creative Director of Moonspire Games, he illuminates the journey that led to the creation of this groundbreaking language RPG. Manu’s extensive experience in the realm of visual effects brings a unique perspective to the innovative elements of Speechbound, effectively turning language learning into an exciting and immersive adventure.

Furthermore, the podcast delves into Manu‘s personal language-learning odyssey. From the hurdles he encountered to the effective strategies he embraced, Manu’s insights offer invaluable guidance to aspiring language enthusiasts. His passion for languages and unwavering commitment to crafting engaging educational experiences are palpable in this enlightening discussion.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to gain profound insights into Speechbound‘s remarkable evolution, Manu’s remarkable career journey, and his inspiring experiences with language acquisition. Make sure to tune in to the Money-Act podcast and embark on an enriching journey that unveils the enchanting power of languages through the lens of Speechbound.

As you immerse yourself in the podcast episode, you’ll be captivated by Manu’s world and the essence of Moonspire Games. Here, innovation, creativity, and language converge, offering a rich tapestry of experiences. Join us on this captivating exploration of the remarkable narrative that is Manu’s journey, as well as the vibrant realm of Speechbound. Within this immersive universe, the act of learning languages becomes an exhilarating adventure, opening the door to a multitude of boundless opportunities waiting to be embraced.

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